Business Analyst Certificate Program

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Business Analyst
Certificate Program


The success of any organization depends on its ability to evolve in a dynamic environment. As change amplifies, organizations are eager to capitalize on strategic opportunities. In particular, the focus is on innovation that increases stakeholder value WITHIN current resource constraints.

The role of a Business Analyst is to provide professional expertise to help the organization work smarter to achieve its mission. The program provides the analyst with a modern tool set that integrates the best from proven methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Theory of Constraints, as well as traditional Systems Development Lifecycle. By applying theory to realistic scenarios, Analysts develop their communication, problem solving and implementation skills to translate business possibilities into realities.


  • Communicate with key stakeholders in a more strategic, influential, and efficient fashion to accelerate the adoption of recommended changes.
  • Design the business case and support the implementation of targeted solutions in alignment with organization’s strategic goals.
  • Plan and monitor the progress of analysis deliverables in the context of a standalone recommendation project or integrated with a full Innovation Lifecycle initiative.
  • Facilitate, elicit, and document the underlying business requirements to clearly capture the processes, parameters and stakeholder expectations.
  • Model and analyze business processes and the supporting IT systems to identify critical leverage points that will yield the highest value return per innovation dollar invested.


The Business Analyst Certificate Program enables practicing Business Analysts of any industry to partner with stakeholders in applying their creative and critical thinking skills to accelerate their organization’s evolution. Special emphasis is placed on optimizing business processes and aligning supporting IT systems working within a strictly limited resource capacity. This program aligns with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK).


The Business Analyst Certificate Program consists of 7 courses, in a one course per month format, totaling 84 hours of instruction required for certificate completion. Certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete the requirements of all seven courses. Students can complete the certificate program in approximately 7 months.

The program is cohort driven and based on a logical sequence to support a cross program case study that builds incrementally on each course.



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Courses and Schedules

This certificate program consists of seven courses designed to be taken in the order listed.