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Learning new languages is only the start of the international experience at the College of Continuing Education. CCE collaborates with many universities, colleges, and institutions from around the world to develop robust learning experiences. American Language and Culture Programs (ALC) focus on providing intensive English training, which is designed to increase students’ ability to communicate in written and spoken English. By participating in extracurricular activities and field trips such as visits to the State Capitol, Old Sacramento, and professional basketball games, students have the unique opportunity to experience American culture firsthand. Let CCE build a customized ALC program that best suits the needs of your students.

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“If someone asks me ‘who gave you the most unforgettable memory?’ I would say: ‘the programs with Tunghai in Sacramento State.’ It’s a very great experience for me and it let me learn a lot this summer.The days go by very fast. Our program will be over, but English learning will never stop. The time will go, but happy memories will last forever.” – E. Lo, Tunghai University, Taiwan

 American Language & Culture

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