dollorRobert Presley's Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI POST)

Robert Presley's Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI POST)

The POST Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) provides training designed to improve the effectiveness of investigators.

The ICI includes a Core Course, thirteen Foundation Specialty Courses, and related electives. The Core Course includes instruction for tasks performed by all investigators, regardless of assignment, while Foundation Specialty Courses provide instruction on different specialty investigative assignments. Electives provide instruction which supports the chosen specialty. The ICI program is useful for all investigators regardless of their experience level. All ICI courses use the adult experience-based techniques of learning. Participants rely on their experience and the experience of others for learning. Learners are challenged through the use of realistic and practical applications. Even the most experienced investigators can learn from their association with others in the class. ICI is a voluntary course of instruction: Certificates are awarded upon completion. Because ICI courses are unique and have been designed especially for the follow-up investigator, POST will not accept other courses as equivalent to the Core Course and Foundation Specialty Courses.

Certification Requirements

To earn an ICI Certificate, investigators must complete the ICI Core Course, one of thirteen ICI Foundation Specialty Courses, and three electives that relate to the specialty chosen. Electives must be at least 24 hours in length or a combination of electives equaling 24 hours. Qualifying Foundation Speciality Courses and Elective courses taken up to five years prior to graduating from the Core Course may apply. Investigators who complete these five courses and five years after completion of the ICI Core Course receive a special POST Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation certificate which designates their fields of study.

Who should apply

Persons wishing to attend the Institute must:

  • Be full-time, follow-up investigators
  • Be personally committed to completing all Institute course work
  • Obtain the approval of agency chief executives to complete the requirements for graduation

ICI is a learning experience

All ICI instructors receive special training in order to teach in the program. The Core and Foundation Specialty Courses are specifically designed to maximize the use of realistic, simulated exercises and small group discussions. To maximize learning, each class is designed for 24 participants. For convenience in travel, the ICI Core Courses are offered in San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Fresno.


POST ICI courses are tuition-free to POST-reimbursable law enforcement agencies.  POST will also reimburse student travel expenses for those traveling from outside the Sacramento Region.  For students whose agencies are not in the POST reimbursable program, regular program fees will apply.  Please call (916) 278-4433 for fee information.

How to Register

To register for classes, complete the POST Registration Agreement and mail or fax it to:

3000 State University Drive East
Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: (916) 278-4433
Fax: (916) 278-4865

Contact Information: 

For more information about POST ICI courses, please contact or (916) 278-4433 or visit Or you may contact the ICI Class Admistrator below.

For the ICI CORE Course and ICI Homicide Course contact:
Maril O’Shaughnessy
C: (916) 955-5202  E:

For the ICI Child Abuse and ICI Sexual Assault Course, contact:
Rick Barton
C: (530) 514-1677 E:

For the ICI Officer Involved Shooting Course, contact:
Bob Lozito
C: (916) 505-2409 E:

Course Offerings

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