dollorFire Service Management - Special Major

Fire Service Management - Special Major

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently being revised and will not be admitting new students until all changes are implemented.

California State University, Sacramento is currently working towards the creation of a new version of the Fire Service Management degree completion program for fire service personnel. Admission to this program will not be allowed until all changes are in place.

The courses in the program will be offered in a fully online and accelerated format, which provides flexibility and access to in-service professionals in the fire service and public safety fields. This program will allow the pursuit of a quality degree at a reasonable cost, with the added benefit of networking opportunities and an accelerated format.

Sacramento State’s undergraduate degree in fire service management program starts with an evaluation of existing coursework. Prospective students receive an evaluation to use as a road map toward degree completion. Applicant’s academic transcripts and professional experience are reviewed by the program coordinator and an academic counselor. Each applicant receives a degree completion plan which details and outlines specific courses and activities he/she must complete to earn the bachelor’s degree. Candidates must complete all Sacramento State general education and graduation requirements for the degree. Sacramento State provides the upper division coursework required for the major and graduation requirements. Applicants transfer the lower division coursework from another university or community college.
The individualized evaluation process is an important one. Major courses are identified and graduation requirements are defined for each student. The evaluation provides both the student and the advisor with a detailed review of previous coursework, and in effect becomes a learning contract between the university and student.

Program Delivery
The program will be delivered completely online via SacCT. SacCT is an interactive communication tool developed for use with the Internet and education institutions. SacCT allows course structure and material to be tailored per course. Courses are offered in eight week cycles. Courses are each approximately 8 weeks long. A student who needs to complete all upper division courses for the major and enrolls in all needed courses each semester can complete the program in approximately two years. Students who transfer course work into the program can complete the program at an accelerated pace.
This online program provides an advanced schedule of offerings to assist students with planning the selection of courses for degree completion. Program planning, frequent e-mail and telephone contact with an advisor translates to successful degree completion.

Financial Aid
Most students qualify for some type of financial aid, usually in the form of student loans. Unless they have defaulted on a previous loan, most students qualify for federal loans, as there are no income restrictions. To qualify for financial aid of any kind, undergraduate students must be admitted to Sac State and registered in a minimum of six units in the academic term for which the financial aid is awarded. Again, this program is not currently open for admission, and interested students should not yet apply to the university for admission.
The first step in applying for any type of financial aid (including loans) is to submit a FAFSA. Students may apply online at

Program Faculty
Courses are taught by Sacramento State faculty who are experts in their respective fields.

Career Enhancement
Completion of a bachelor’s degree opens up many career opportunities in the fire service and public safety arena. Federal, state, local and private agencies have an active interest in employees who can translate their work experience and previous course work into an academic degree. The undergraduate program cultivates real-life skills and resources for professionals who currently work within the fields. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a major accomplishment and is a stepping stone to graduate education. Many high-level employees of these organizations pursue graduate degrees. Combining the flexibility of online education and the mobility of the fire service field creates an unparalleled career enhancement.

Application Process
This program is not admitting any new students at this time. If you would like to submit an application to the Online Special Major in Fire Service Management Degree Program for future consideration, please print out and submit the Departmental Application along with copies of your college transcripts (unofficial are fine to start with). We will review your transcripts and determine what course work you have left to complete your degree. The formal application process includes the California State University Application for Admission and submission of official transcripts. Admission fees will include a $55 CSU Application Fee and a $75 FSM Application Fee. Again, please do not submit your University Application or any application fees yet as the program is not admitting new students.

Admissions Criteria
Admissions criteria are not finalized for this program at this time. Interested students should be working on their lower division CSU General Education requirements as well as an Associate’s degree in Fire Service or a Fire Service Technology Certificate from a community college. Applicants will be automatically reviewed for admissions criteria when the departmental application and college transcripts are submitted to the program.

For more information please contact Anna Keck at or (916) 278-5134.