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Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies


The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies (CTS) is a four-year college degree that can serve as a springboard for a master's degree or a career ladder into many other professions. The demand for traditional adult/vocational educators is expected to grow locally by 31% through 2016, with an anticipated 11,800 new positions yearly statewide. Additionally, general workforce education is an ongoing need in all industries. This degree can be applied to a variety of disciplines.

This program is offered on weekends and uses instructional techniques suited to adult learners including experiential "real world" instruction and offers personalized academic advising. It also offers networking opportunities and accelerated programming. Although the program is offered through the College of Continuing Education, its academic home is in the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, School Psychology and Deaf Studies in the Sacramento State College of Education. It is approved by the California State University Chancellor's Office and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


The CTS program provides students with:

  • academic credibility
  • professional status
  • pay scale mobility
  • enhancement of job training skills
  • the opportunity to teach and train others about their life's work
  • a stepping stone into a graduate program
  • a bachelor's degree for entry into multiple subjects (elementary) teaching credential program

Career Possibilities

Students are encouraged to find the career path that is the best fit for them. Past CTS graduates have followed their paths to become: 

  • teachers in regional occupation programs, private post-secondary institutions, community colleges, correctional facilities and adult schools
  • trainers and facilitators in public or private industry
  • school and career counselors
  • human resource recruiters and placement personnel
  • mediators or labor relations specialists
  • educational administrators
  • school-to-work coordinators
  • learning specialists
  • administrators, managers and supervisors in public or private industry
  • small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • consultants in business, industry and education

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty members have extensive experience in career technical education and include leaders in this field. All faculty have backgrounds working in community and business-based career and technical education programs.


This program provides training for those who wish to facilitate the development of the emerging workforce in both traditional and non-traditional settings.


The CTS Program requires that students have seven years, full-time, paid work experience in a career technical/educational/business field (or 5 years, full-time, paid work experience and an Associate's degree in that field). Admissions to Sacramento State is required for this program. Candidates must complete general education and graduation requirements for Sacramento State and the Career and Technical Studies major. All coursework taken in the CTS major is upper division semester units. Students receive letter grades, A-F, for most courses. Students receiving the bachelor's degree will participate in graduation ceremonies and receive their degree from California State University, Sacramento. The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies major courses are offered on weekends.


To register, please call (916) 278-6984.

Financial Aid

Most CTS students qualify for some type of financial aid, usually in the form of student loans. Unless they have defaulted on a previous student loan, most students qualify for loans, as there are no income restrictions. To qualify for financial aid of any kind, students must be admitted to Sacramento State and registered in a minimum of six units in the academic term for which the financial aid is awarded.
The first step for any type of financial aid (including loans) is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA forms are available online at

Program Advising and Student Services

Academic advising and student support is critical to success in the CTS program and the program staff is committed to making success possible for each student. As a returning adult student, it can be daunting to find your way through the CSU system and the CTS staff is here to make that transition as smooth as possible.

The program offers personalized academic advising to guide students as they complete their bachelor's degree at Sacramento State. It is important to stay current with your academic advising sessions and the CTS staff recommends scheduling an appointment once per semester. The CTS staff also offers assistance and acts as facilitators with other University departments such as Admissions & Records.

To get started, complete the CTS departmental application form and mail or FAX it back to the College of Continuing Education. The CTS staff will review and advise you on the next steps.


For more information about the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies program, please contact Jackie Jang at (916) 278-4813 or

Download a PDF of the BSCTS Fact Sheet.

Course Offerings

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Core Courses (14 courses, 39 units required )
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
1 Academic Credit
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
3 Academic Credits
2 Academic Credits
Elective Courses
1-3 Academic Credits
1-6 Academic Credits
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