dollorPreparation for College Mathematics

Preparation for College Mathematics

ALEKS Assessment to Challenge Developmental Math Placement Summer 2011 If you took the ELM exam, your ELM score will be used to classify you into one of three math placement categories:

  1. Eligible for General Education level math courses
    i.e. placed into MATH 1, MATH 17, Math 24, etc. (ELM score )
  2. Require 1 semester of a developmental math course or;
    i.e. placed into LS 10A, or LS 10X plus Math 9. (ELM between 36-48)
  3. Require 2 semesters of developmental math courses.
    i.e. placed into LS 7A/B. (ELM score )

Developmental math courses (also called remedial math courses) do not count toward degree progress, but they do require text books and count toward university and financial aid unit caps. You can save a substantial amount of time and money by reducing the number of, or eliminating the need to take developmental math courses.

This summer the College of Continuing Education in collaboration with the Learning Skills Department will be offering two five-week sessions to help students prepare for the proctored assessment in August. Any student who passes the proctored assessment can fulfill their remedial math requirement (that is, they do not need to take remedial mathematics in the fall of 2011).

We will be offering one summer session. Students will meet once a week for two hours for four weeks. Students will work with an ISA instructor for the first hour and with the ALEKS program for the second hour. On the fifth week, students will take the proctored exam. Students with less than 35 hours of time in their ALEKS course module will not be eligible to take a proctored assessment in August.

This session will begin July 12th thru August 9th.

* LSK 600H 02 Tuesday 1-3 pm in YSM 117 (Yosemite Hall)
* The proctored exam will be given August 9th

Contact information:
Leslie McCurry at

Registration Deadline July 8th, 2011

***Pre-requisite for these courses is that students must be signed up for Orientation.*** Students may register online by selecting the course below. Course fees are $265.00. Students will also need to purchase the ALEKS software license at an approximate cost of $45.00.

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