Pollution Prevention (P2) Track. Generally, sessions should address Pollution Prevention applied to air, waste, and water media. Proposed sessions should provide information on source reduction of air pollutants, waste water and storm water discharges, toxics in products, solid and hazardous wastes, and conservation of natural resources such as energy or water. Preferred submittals will provide attendees with information on P2 practices/technologies that can be applied across a variety of types of businesses, or to key business sectors with numerous facilities.

Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) Track. The Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) track includes basic sessions pertaining to the implementation of HHW programs, new California statutes for paint and carpet, regulatory changes that affect HHW programs, and model HHW programs to implement.

Used Oil Track. Sessions offered in the Used Oil track include information pertaining to the implementation of Used Oil programs, best management practices, legislative changes that affect the program, research topics for used oil, and administrative issues. Of particular interest are issues related to filter collection, new technologies, reduction in generation of used oil, high-efficiency filters, reduction in inadvertent losses (drips, spills) etc.

Joint Offerings Track. Sessions in the track will focus on topical and emerging issues such as green chemistry, universal waste, extended producer responsibility, problematic waste streams such as sharps and pharmaceuticals, legislative issues, program measurement, and effective communication for behavior change. We are looking for case studies in campaigns for consumer behavior change, new media strategies for outreach, regional partnerships and branding, and opportunities or examples for collaborating on outreach.