There are very limited scholarships available for this conference. We encourage you to apply early and before you register if you need a scholarship in order to attend the conference. Please review the scholarship application guidelines carefully to determine your eligibility.

The scholarships only cover lodging (for the duration of the conference) and limited travel costs (e.g., airfare, mileage, and limited ground transportation -- NO RENTAL CARS are allowed).   Participants must be able to cover the conference registration fees and per diem costs.   Participants must also commit to attend the entire conference in order to be eligible for a scholarship.  Participants who are awarded scholarships will be reimbursed for the approved costs following timely submission of their scholarship reimbursement forms and required receipts within 45 - 60 days.

Below are the scholarship opportunities:

  • California Rape Crisis Center Scholarships - sponsored by California Department of Public Health and Cal EMA.  These scholarships are only available to California Rape Crisis Centers funded by Cal EMA's RCC operations grants or CDPH's RPE grants.

Please review the scholarship guidelines for more details: California Scholarships Guidelines. Download and complete the California Scholarship application form here.

  • National Scholarships for survivors of sexual assault, advocates, and rape prevention educators from the United States and/or its territories.

Please review the scholarship guidelines for more details: National Scholarships Guidelines. Download and complete the National Scholarship application for here.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed as received. Apply early as scholarships will be awarded only as funds are available.

Other scholarship opportunties are available through the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). You must apply directly to OVC for this scholarship award. Click here to apply.

Professional Development Scholarships

All applicants who have applied for a scholarship will be notified via email of approval or denial.

For further information, please email:

NOTE: Scholarship recipients will receive registration instructions with award notice.