Sierra Cascades Dialog Sessions




November 4, 2010 / 9:30-4 PM | Sacramento, California

Ecological Restoration in Forest Service Region 5: Planning for the Future

Please join the first in a series of Dialogs over the coming years to discuss a range of critical issues that affect the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades and people who live, work and recreate there. The Dialogs will focus on the future of the Sierra Nevada and Cascades, specifically the national forests, providing an opportunity for learning, shared meaning, aligned actions, and understanding different perspectives.


The first Dialog Session will focus on the topic of Ecological Restoration and the work that Region 5 hopes to accomplish over the next 15-20 years, as described in its Leadership Intent document. To be effective in its efforts, the Forest Service would like to discuss the Leadership Intent. In an interactive workshop setting, participants will be asked to identify and discuss strategies for implementation and identify key components of success when planning for ecological restoration. The outcomes of this and future Dialogs will inform future Forest Service decisions.



  • Bring together public and private land managers to grapple with an “all lands” approach to planning and conservation, beginning with fire protection issues
  • Lay the foundation for Forest Plan revisions
  • Develop stakeholder collaborative capacity to address challenging complex issues on a broad scale
  • Create shared responsibility and understanding
  • Build relationships and trust among all stakeholders



All meetings will be open to the public. Anyone is welcome to participate.


Session Date and Location

November 4, 2010 Garden Pavilion
  McClellan Air Force Base (just outside Sacramento)
5640 Dudley Blvd.
McClellan, CA 95692



Overview: Sierra Cascades Dialogue 9-20-2010 PDF



Please click here for more detailed information regarding these Dialog Sessions.


The Overview document summarizes the structure and framework for establishing the Sierra Cascades Dialogs, including goals, participation, proposed discussion topics and outcomes, meeting format and framework, current steering committee membership and communication agreements.




Contact Mike Chapel, USDA Forest Service; | Phone: (916) 498-5323