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Which regional convening should I attend? This depends on the region you hope to serve and your schedule.  We know you’re busy and would suggest that your number one priority be to attend one convening.  If you can’t make the one to which you’ve been invited, take a look at our schedule of convenings and register for the one that best fits your schedule.


How do I get to the convening?  There are a number of online resources that offer directions and maps.  We suggest you visit Google or Yahoo.


Why has the Complete Count Committee and US Census contacted me?  We believe that trusted leaders and community members like you make the difference between a complete count and an incomplete count.  In many cases there are language barriers, access obstacles and other hurdles that prevent certain groups from being counted.  We believe you can reach these populations. 


How long will the convenings be? Please look at the agenda. We will have several speakers who will discuss the Census and then break into groups so that each of you can figure out the best way to reach out to your communities.


Are there other opportunities to work on the Census effort rather than the convenings? While we think the regional convenings are the best way to organize and disseminate the census message, there are many other ways you can help.  Please look at our resources page to decide the best opportunities for you.


Will there be resources available to assist in getting out the Census message in my community?  Both the Complete Count Committee and the Census are working hard to allocate resources across the state.  Please click here to learn of other opportunities.


Are Census jobs being offered at the regional convenings?  Unfortunately, no.  The purpose of the regional convenings is to bring together the people who know the communities best.  We believe that is you!