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General Information


The regional convenings are designed to bring community based organizations, business, and individuals together to maximize the number of Californians counted in 2010.  We’re putting together the lessons learned from the 2000 Census and your feedback from each community, to figure out the best way to reach out to your region.  The US Census Bureau will be at each of these convenings listening to you -- because you know your community best.


You don’t need to bring a whole lot.  Just an open mind, a sharp pencil, and a willingness to figure out and discuss what special needs your community has in order to be counted.  We know each region of the state is different. We want you to help us identify “trusted messengers”, locations for “Questionnaire  Assistance Centers”, and media outreach – ethnic, local, and micro-targeted. With your help we can all work to make certain California doesn’t lose representation or the valuable federal resources to move California forward.  The Census is truly a team effort.