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University WiFi

Wireless networking is available in most areas across campus. Connect with your laptop or smartphone and access the Internet while on the go. To learn how to get started, read the Wireless Frequently Asked Questions.

Registration Forms

Academic Credit Registration

Remember to use the Academic Credit Add/Drop Form to register or drop an academic course.

Non-Credit/CEU Registration

Remember to use the Non-Credit Registration Form to register in a non-credit  course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a course offers academic credit?
The information listed in the "Units" category of the course schedule indicates whether a course is offered for non-credit, academic credit or CEUs. If a course offers academic credit, it will list how many units may be earned for the class.
What are non-credit courses?
There are many Continuing Education classes that are classified as "non-credit." Often offered as seminars and workshops, these courses are geared specifically to the special interests of the community. No academic credits or CEUs are awarded.
What is a certificate program?
A certificate program is a cluster of courses that provides knowledge and training in a specific field, enabling you to learn practical, up-to-the-moment skills and information for job improvement or career advancement. Making a commitment to expand your knowledge and skills by means of a certificate program can make the difference between promotion and stagnation in your professional development. Each certificate program has been reviewed and authorized by the faculty and administration of Sacramento State to assure that the program you select meets the high standards of quality education expected from the CSU system.

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