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The internet is the ultimate learning environment. Online courses merge the internet's dynamic, non-linear access to resources and learning content with the convenience and flexibility your demanding schedule requires. The College of Continuing Education is committed to online learning, offering a variety of web-based and web-enhanced courses. Our online courses provide you with the practical information you need to grow professionally and offer you full control over your learning environment and schedule.

We approach the creation of our courses with a team of dedicated educators, curriculum designers and web mulitmedia experts who collaborate to guarantee a quality learning experience. Our delivery platforms are state-of-the-art and range from live instructor-led classrooms with real time instructor and peer feedback, to asynchronous interactive courses utilizing the latest in web, flash and e-learning methodologies.

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Is Online Learning For Me?

What is online learning?

Also referred to as distance education, online learning is based on courses offered online that do not require the student to be on campus for class participation. Students can work with course materials at their own convenience, at their own location.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, online learning is defined as "the acquisition of knowledge and skills through mediated information and instruction. [It] encompasses all technologies and supports the pursuit of lifelong learning for all."

What are the advantages of online learning?

  • With the exception of scheduled real-time chats and/or live, instructor led meetings, you plan your class time around your current schedule.
  • Online courses exist within the support of an "e-classroom." You'll have access to skilled, knowledgeable and professional teachers and benefit from the experience of your peers.
  • Online learning eliminates the need to travel to a remote location, providing you with access to courses from your home or office.
  • Online courses encourage you to explore and become adept with the latest in computer and web technologies. You'll benefit from hands-on experience with online presentation, meeting and learning platforms.

Would I be successful in an e-learning environment?

Contrary to popular belief, online courses are not easier than traditional classroom courses. They require discipline, motivation and a firm grasp of time management. Read through the characteristics of online learning listed below and take our Self-Assessment Survey to determine whether online learning is right for you.

  • I like to work and learn independently.
    The ability to learn independently and grasp concepts through self-paced research and reading is a characteristic of a successful e-student. The student must take the initiative to use one of the many means provided to contact the instructor when clarification or assistance is needed.
  • I benefit from interaction with my instructors and fellow students.
    Many of our web courses are enhanced with real-time instructor led class meetings. You'll be able to participate in these meetings and see and be seen by other students with the use of a webcam. Even in our asynchronous e-classrooms, you will be communicating with your instructors and fellow students by e-mail, bulletin boards and chat.
  • Are online courses are easier than traditional classroom courses?
    Many online courses are harder than on-ground and on-campus courses. They require independent learning, good reading and writing skills and comfort with technology. Your participation and assessment scores are tracked, so there is no "hiding" in an online course.
  • I am self-motivated.
    Motivation is key to online learning. The course syllabus will provide you with clearly defined dates for assignments and quizzes, but each student must assume responsibility for meeting these deadlines to be successful.
  • Self-Assessment Survey
    If you are still wondering whether online learning is right for you, complete our simple Self-Assessment Survey,

The Online Learning Environment

The College of Continuing Education offers online classes in synchronous, asynchronous and blended modes utilizing the latest e-learning and meeting technologies. Our primary e-classroom platforms are WebCT 6 and Macromedia Breeze 5. Both are easily navigated and accessible with standard software, hardware and bandwidth.

Three to five days prior to the start of your course, you will receive a course notification email. This email contains your user name and password information, the platform in which your course will be hosted, and links to platform resources.

It is vital to the success of your learning experience that you familiarize yourself with the platform documentation prior to the first day of class. Here are some links to get you started.