Corporate Partner: The Niello Company
Case Studies of Our Partnerships

Article Access Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 2
Location:  Greater Sacramento Area
Industry:  Automotive Sales, Service & Parts
Employees:  680

Corporate Partner Background

The Niello Company encourages employees to enhance their leadership and professional skill sets at Sacramento State. The company is committed to providing distinctive automotive products and exceptional service while treating customers and employees with unyielding integrity.

Driven by passion, reputation, and a customer-oriented environment, the company strives to create an unsurpassed experience for each customer. It’s not just about selling the car—it’s about creating a relationship.

The Challenge: Providing Skills for New Supervisors

Every leader within the company maintains a continuous commitment to developing,  growing and enriching their workforce.

Newly promoted and hired supervisors must be prepared to manage a diverse staff, handle critical and sensitive conversations, embrace change and build a team environment.

The Solution: Public Offering

By underwriting the fees of approximately 10 employees each year and providing staff with release time to take classes, Niello has ensured ongoing professional development.

Sending employees to the Supervisory Development certificate program is a major commitment for both the company and each employee. The program is rigorous with 70 hours of instruction over 10 courses. The content is delivered by expert instructors with extensive industry experience and covers important topics from conflict management and recruitment, to fostering diversity.

“The Sacramento State Supervisory program aligns with and supports the core values, mission and vision of The Niello Company. This program has proved to be a critical component of the development, training and success of many of the leaders of our company… today, and in the future.”

— Rick Niello, President
The Niello Company