CSU Honors Sac State Student: ‘An American Success Story’

Article Sacramento State and The California State University

Congratulations to honoree Lay Vang, a former student assistant at the College of Continuing Education, who received a 2018 California State University Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Vang is one of 10 children from a Hmong immigrant family from Thailand. He was honored at the CSU Trustees meeting in Long Beach on September 11. Sacramento State President Robert S. Nelsen joined in the celebration with this tweet: ”What an honor to be with Lay Vang today. Highest honors possible for CSU System students. One of 10 Hmong family members ..his mother pregnant when they left. Now an American success story.”

The California State University news network shared his story:

“It is always a blessing to be able to provide advice and answer students’ questions.” – Lay Vang

“Lay Vang is one of 10 children raised by Hmong refugee immigrant parents. A family of hardworking individuals, his father worked two jobs to support their family and his mother dedicated herself to raising the children.”

“As a graduate student in the career counseling program at California State University, Sacramento, Lay is a coach for the DEGREES (Dedicated to Educating, Graduating, and Retaining Educational Equity Students) Project. As a mentor, he advises and connects students to campus resources and facilitates career development workshops. He also tries to preserve the Hmong culture by teaching the Hmong language, traditions and history to students.”

“After earning a master’s degree, Lay plans to become a counselor in the community where he was raised, continuing his commitment to helping underrepresented minority students reach their potential.”

The CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement is given each year to students who demonstrate superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service and financial need.​​​ 

Vang was among the 23 CSU scholarship recipients, one winner from each CSU campus. Meet the 2018 awardees.

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