Why Learning English Matters
Partnership with University of Shizuoka

Article Sharon Ito

In Japan, getting into pharmacy school requires English. “Students need English skills to pass the entrance exams and read articles in English” says Dr. Noriko Yoshimura, a professor at the Language and Communication Center at the University of Shizuoka. “They need English skills in order to get a job in Japan” and to reach a higher level of proficiency, the university is sending more students abroad to Sacramento State.

For several years, students from the University of Shizuoka have studied at the College of Continuing Education (CCE), completing the four-week American Language and Culture program. 

Now students, who are primarily pharmaceutical sciences and international relations majors, will enter CCE’s more intensive English Language Institute for an eight-week session starting in August.

Dr. Yoshimura visited the campus this week and said the atmosphere was sure to appeal to students, many of whom will be visiting the U.S. for the first time. “The people are nice. The climate is mild, similar to Shizuoka. It is a very good choice.”

For more information on the English Language Institute, visit www.cce.csus.edu/eli.