Off-campus and Study Abroad


Off-Campus and Study Abroad Programs

Off-Campus Programs

We offer courses and programs in locations all throughout California. These off-campus program sites allow students to stay connected to their local community while completing their education. By offering courses off-campus, we support working adults by giving them a more flexible schedule and location. We also support rural areas that may not have access to quality, affordable education in their region. In some cases, we also allow students to take classes at their place of employment—further making the connection between theoretical understanding and practice. 

“We provide access to the same quality of education for people in remote and rural areas who might never have the opportunity to attend a traditional four-year program on campus.” 

Jill Matsueda, academic program director 

Study Abroad Programs

Let the world be your classroom! Our study abroad programs offer a variety of educational tours and excursions to adults 18 and over. Immerse yourself in the culture, history, language and tradition of another country while earning academic credit. During your travels, you will learn from Sacramento State faculty, as well as in-country guest lecturers at host universities.

Any adults (18 years or older) with a passion for exploring are welcome to participate in these programs.