Guido Krickx
Dean (2011-2016)

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Guido Krickx has worked and taught in the world of higher education for over 20 years. Previously, Krickx was associate dean and director of graduate business programs at St. Mary’s College in Moraga.  Krickx has held faculty appointments at CSU East Bay and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Here at CCE, Krickx oversees the entire college and is responsible for the budget, fundraising, public relations, and promoting the college academically and professionally. He works to develop strong connections with the main campus while also building relationships with businesses and partners in the community.

Krickx started his academic career in his native Belgium, where he earned degrees from the State University of Ghent and the Free University of Brussels.  He received a Master’s in Business Administration and a doctorate in strategic management from University of California, Los Angeles.


University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) — Member, Chair (2014 –Current)
California State University, Commission on Online Education — Member (2014–Current)
California State University, Commission on the Extended University, Strategic Communications Committee — Co-Chair (2012–Current)
International Conference on Advances in Management (ICAM)
   — Member of Board of Directors (2008–2010)
   — Co-Track Chair, Strategic Management (2007–2010)
   — Member (1999–2002, 2006–present)

Recent Publications and Presentations

“Dealing with Criticism of the MBA Ecosystem: Incorporating Experiential Action Learning in a Program of Practice-Based Management Education.” Journal of the Academy of Business Education, vol. 10, Spring 2009 (pp. 70–95); with S.J. Kamath and J.P. Agrawal.

“Leadership in Management Education.” International Conference on Advances in Management (ICAM), July 2009; with S.J. Kamath and D. Bowen.

“Organizational Learning through Alliances: The European Airline Industry.” International Conference on Advances in Management (ICAM), July 2006.

“Shared Space — A Tool to Facilitate Online Learning Communities.” Innovations in the Delivery of Higher Education, vol. 9, February 2002; with C.M. Maloles, A. Bordetsky, P.G. Kraus, and S.J. Kamath.