HornetAttain! at Sacramento State
Come back and complete your degree.

Coming back is easier than you think. 

The goal of HornetAttain! is to help adult learners who left school before graduating return to complete their degrees. We have specialized advisors who offer personalized one-on-one academic and social support to make finishing at Sacramento State easier. 

“We have a responsibility to serve all students, including those who started college but had to stop out along the way.” — Sacramento State President Robert S. Nelsen 

Why complete your degree? 

The power of a degree is immense. It can lead to career development, result in $1.2 million more in lifetime earnings, build a culture of education within families, improve self-esteem and inspire others to achieve their dreams.  

April Jacek in her graduation cap and gown

How we do it. 

HornetAttain! is here to help! Learners returning through HornetAttain! will work with an Achievement Advisor who understands the unique needs of and resources available to adult learners and can guide you as you complete your degree. 


By the Numbers

$1.2 million

more in lifetime earnings

1 million

additional college-educated workers needed in CA by 2025


of college students are diverse and multi-generational learners