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International Programs

As California’s capital university, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our campus community. Our students represent more than 100 different countries and cultures from around the globe.

In an effort to enhance international experiences and successes, Sacramento State continues to build robust educational opportunities and invest in programs that expand our students’ global perspectives.

We offer these programs through a partnership with the Office of International Programs and Global Engagement (IPGE). For more information about international admissions, scholar services or other global initiatives, please visit IPGE’s webpage.

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English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) at California State University, Sacramento offers superior language instruction and exceptional cultural experiences.  With our unique location in California’s capital city, it is easy to see why hundreds of students from around the world choose to study at ELI each year.

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Intensive English Program


The Intensive English program is designed for non-native English speakers who have a serious desire to improve their language skills, whether for academic, personal or professional success. 

Highly skilled and caring and instructors take an interactive approach to teaching that provides students the opportunity to collaborate with one another and with the local community.  All classes are held on the campus of Sacramento State, providing a genuine American university experience.

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American Language and Culture


The American Language & Culture Program is a program for participants wanting to explore American culture and improve their conversational English skills in an immersive, fun and supportive atmosphere. Students will develop their vocabulary, fluency, understanding and usage of idioms, and intercultural competency through classroom activities and weekly field trips centered on different aspects of American culture and life in California.

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Faculty-Led Study Abroad


Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs are short-term, international experiences designed for students who would like to study abroad – and stay on track for graduation – but cannot spend an entire semester or academic year abroad. These programs allow students to infuse international, intercultural, and global dimensions into their academic experience at Sac State. Programs vary in length, and classes are taught by Sac State faculty. 

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Sacramento State expands options for study abroad


Sacramento State is reviving and expanding so-called “faculty-led” short-term travel programs that allow students to visit another country during academic breaks and earn credit at the same time.

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Independent Travel Study

Earn academic credit for a planned learning experience while traveling in the United States or abroad!

Applicants for this program are required to pre-plan the program of study and submit a written proposal for approval at least six weeks prior to departure.

The standards for Independent Travel Study are consistent with regular program offerings. You are required to organize your program in such a way as to reach specific educational objectives. 

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Independent Travel Study Courses

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Guidelines for Independent Travel Study

The College of Continuing Education provides the following guidelines to help you achieve the standards for Independent Travel Study. These guidelines will also assist you in planning your travel in such a way as to make the achievement of your objectives possible.