2017 Multimedia Journalism Summer Academy
Teens Capture & Narrate Videos for the First Time

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Anyone can shoot a video on a smartphone. But not everyone can produce a video that captures your attention and leaves a lasting impression. High school students rose to the challenge during the 2017 Multimedia Journalism Summer Academy at Sacramento State.

Their assignment: “Tell Your Video Story in 100 Seconds!” Click here to see the student projects.

‘I liked the level of professionalism, the experience of the instructors and the easy transition from starter skills into newly learned skills.’ – Emerson Redding, Multimedia Journalism Academy Student

Most of the students had never edited, written and narrated a video before. Below, you will find their news and feature videos shot, by the way, on their smartphones.

This was the third year veteran journalists George Warren and Sharon Ito led the Multimedia Journalism Summer Academy. The weeklong academy included tours to the Sacramento Bee and ABC10.