The 6-Step Financial Aid Process


Need financial assistance to complete your degree? Here are the 6 steps behind the financial aid process.

1. Apply – Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Every year on January 1, the FAFSA becomes available for the upcoming academic year. Complete the FAFSA at

In addition to filing a FAFSA, undergraduate students may apply to be considered for Cal Grant A or B. March 2 is the deadline to have your GPA verification form submitted to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). For more information on Cal Grant Awards visit CSAC’s website at

2. Submit Documents

To complete your financial aid file, you may need to submit additional documents or other financial aid forms. Any documents required to complete your file will be posted on your To Do list in My Sac State. Please be sure to include your Sac State ID number on all documents you submit.

Log in regularly to your My Sac State Student Center to check your To Do list, and look for any Holds on your record for requested documents, service indicators and messages from the Financial Aid Office.

A College of Continuing Education information request form must be submitted and will be listed on your To Do list.

A separate form is required for summer and will be available on your My Sac State Student Center under the “Important Links” section. Awards for summer are based on remaining Pell and/or Direct Loan eligibility not used in the prior Fall and/or Spring semesters.

3. Determining Eligibility

The Financial Aid Office will review your FAFSA and all documentation submitted and determine your eligibility for aid.

4. Award Notification

When all requirements are met, you will receive a notification of your aid offers. This will occur 2-3 weeks after all documentation is submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

The maximum eligible loan amounts will be awarded and you will be able to accept, reduce or decline all aid offered to you.

Awards that are not accepted within 30 days are subject to cancellation.

5. Review account

Be sure to regularly check your My Sac State Student Center to review your account and your To Do list.

6. Disbursement

Students must be enrolled and in attendance of at least six (6) undergraduate units before loan funds can be disbursed. Grant aid will disburse once enrolled and in attendance in ALL courses for the semester.

A Financial Aid Hold (pending CCE enrollment verification prior to disbursement of aid) will be placed on students’ accounts and will remain until ALL classes for the semester have started.

CCE Credit Registration is notified once you have been awarded aid for the semester, and upon acceptance of aid will defer your fees until Financial Aid disburses to your account. For questions regarding fee deferments, please contact CCE Credit Registration at 916.278.6984.