Apply to the Judicial Administration Program
Apply March 14 - June 14 for Fall 2019 cohort


Admission Qualifications

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree (must be awarded before beginning first semester of the program). A GPA of 3.0 for all undergraduate course work and in the last 60 units is strongly recommended.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Master of Public Policy and Administration program at Sacramento State, or have an educational level of bachelor’s degree or above. It is strongly recommended that applicants be currently employed in the California judicial court system at the analyst level or above to ensure they are well prepared for the content of the courses. Applicants should also demonstrate relevant professional work experience within the court system. Current court employees who desire to further their careers in the courts are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Please complete and submit the following items:

  • Judicial Administration Online Application Form
  • One to two page single-spaced statement addressing purpose for pursuing Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration
  • Official transcripts of all colleges and universities attended, other than Sacramento State
  • Two copies of the Judicial Administration recommendation form and attached letters of recommendation (one from a supervisor and one from an individual in a professional or academic position familiar with the applicant’s work)
  • Curriculum vitae or resume demonstrating relevant professional work experience

Please mail official transcripts of all universities attended (other than Sacramento State) to:

College of Continuing Education
Attn: Judicial Administration Program
3000 State University Drive
Sacramento, CA 95819

$30 non-refundable application-processing fee will be collected after eligibility has been determined.