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Apply for Fall 2020 by April 1


To apply for the Master of Arts in Education (Curriculum & Instruction), please visit the Application Instructions for the College of Education Graduate programs

Application Process

  1. Complete the Graduate School application at
  2. Submit your supplemental application here and select Curriculum & Instruction as your program.
  3. You will receive two confirmation emails. The second email will include your assigned SacLink Student ID number and instructions for how to set up your SacLink Account (if not already created):
  4. Transcripts cannot be uploaded to the CSU Apply website. Mail or hand deliver official copies to the Office of Graduate Studies. All official transcripts must be received by the Office of Graduate Studies by the application deadline in order for your application to be considered.
  5. If further information is needed, program staff will contact you to set up a brief interview.  Interviews may take place through video conferencing or via other online technologies. 

Requirements for the Supplemental Application

  1. Résumé highlighting relevant experience
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Essay
  5. Official transcripts from all colleges attended

For more information about program-specific requirements, visit Supplemental Application Guidelines