What students, parents & faculty are saying



  • ATS was a good experience for me and gave me the opportunity to enhance my skill set in all of the classes I chose to take. The most recent class I took was anatomy and physiology which gave me the chance to learn more about how the human body works, along with a way to keep me working over the summer. The hands-on activities made the class much more fun and improved my understanding of the subject.
  • I enjoyed taking classes on a college campus and doing so opened new perspectives for me. I took classes on subjects I wanted to further expand my knowledge on. The students were very friendly, the teachers were very helpful, and overall my experience at ATS was great. Taking classes at ATS is definitely worth it if you are thinking about it. Taking summer classes in a college environment was a new experience, which I definitely think is worth doing.
  • My week at Sac State was fun and educational, without being overly demanding or stressful. It felt like the right mix of summer fun, while still letting me learn a new skill.
  • Sac State is a great campus. With all of the trees it feels like a park atmosphere. The campus looked really cool with all the nice buildings and amenities….My Mom graduated from Sac State in the 80’s and she said that even though it was really nice back then, the improvements were really outstanding. I already planned to go to Sac State for college but after attending the ATS class, it made me want to go there even more because I got a chance to actually get a taste of what it’s like to be a student at Sac State. I can’t wait to be a college student there one day
  • The creative computing class that I took was a great learning experience! I loved my teacher because she was very funny and I appreciated the fact that she gave her class a chance to do projects independently. My favorite memory from my class was the arcade. I was so excited to make my game and share my skills with the rest of the class.
  • In my DNA class, I learned how DNA and RNA function. My favorite activities were the labs, where we got to do experiments using different things. Everything was fun! I enjoyed the lectures we received each day, the activity follow-ups, and the labs. Students should take this class because not only of the amazing amount of information learned, but also how we could do the immensely fun labs with partners.
  • ATS is a great program to keep learning while summer is going on, and that there are a lot of amazing courses to take!
  • I learned a lot of new skills I’ve never even been taught before. It was a bit challenging, but it was so much fun to see the result of all of your hard work you did in the class. I think other students should take the class because it’s a great way to be creative and learn something new.
  • In the Performing Arts class I took, we worked a lot on practicing and memorizing a scene as well as a monologue that we performed on the last day of class. I learned how to be a lot more comfortable in front of people, when I am performing. the improvisational games we played in this class were really fun.
  • ATS is a great way to learn more about subjects you are interested in or like doing. I felt proud attending a college campus class and it was a lot of fun. I would recommend all students to explore subjects they may be interested in.
  • I would agree the ATS program had a big influence on my life. I still remember the feeling I had when I received the acceptance letter in the mail, and my parents told me how proud of me they were. I think it was that feeling, and the experience I took away from the program that helped me truly understand what “success” felt like… and it inspired me to stay on track through high school and then go on to become the first college graduate in my family. With VSP’s tuition assistance I graduated from CSUS in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Business. ATS definitely made a positive impact on my life.


  • ATS is an opportunity for young kids to take classes on a real college campus. They are in real college classrooms and experience some independence on a new level (in a safe environment.) My daughter took it seriously as she felt she was being taken seriously and produced some high-quality work in her design class. Getting kids early exposure to higher education is a gift!  
  • I am very impressed with the ATS program. My son is 13 and excitedly planning his path to college. The experience has connected the dots for us regarding exactly how my son can turn his strengths and talents into a career.
  • My student loved being able to go to a college campus and take classes. She enjoyed being in a class where students were interested in learning and moving at a fast pace. The Professor and the TA were both very nice and welcoming. My student has never been on a college campus before, so her ATS experience helped her picture herself in college.
  • She had fun in a class with like-minded children. She was able to learn about a subject she knew almost nothing about and is now really interested in it. She is now interested in biotech as a potential career, is reading up about colleges, and what classes to take in high school.
  • My student was thrilled to be taking classes on a college campus. It boosted his academic confidence and made him excited about attending college in the future. He also enjoyed meeting peers with similar interests.
  • My child thrives in the supportive and inquisitive academic environment of ATS!
  • My student enjoyed the class and admired the teacher. She was amazed at the bustle of the college campus and learned a lot.
  • My daughter took a class that required getting in front of the class and speaking and answering questions to which there were no prepared answers. Great for confidence and critical thinking!
  • The exposure to the campus was highly valuable. My son also shared – communication and interaction with the instructor was outstanding. This truly was a wonderful experience and exposure.
  • My children were enrolled in 2 different art classes this summer. They had fun learning new techniques and making friends. Our family enjoyed the open house on the last day. The instructors and staff worked hard to make the summer class fun and safe. Thank you for all your work! See you next year!
  • We are so proud of our son that he attended the 2019 Academic Talent Search program at Sac State. He successfully finished all his classes with highest grades and great recommendations from his instructors. The summer was spent well by being productive! … If you have a smart kid at home, consider this program as a powerful tool in your child’s future!
  • He loved being challenged and being given responsibility to think independently. He seemed to truly enjoy the classes. We will definitely plan to do it again!
  • She enjoyed being on campus, feeling independent, and meeting people with new interests.
  • Exploration into new topics that she otherwise would not have access to. She was thrilled with what she was learning, and it has opened up her awareness of new avenues of study and profession.


  • I’m excited to use my on-line teaching experiences to still work with ATS students this summer!
    –De-Laine Cyrenne
  • I’m excited to teach the Building Suspenseful Stories class this summer because it was an overwhelmingly positive experience last year. My students came to class with a passion for writing and creativity as well as an unparalleled desire to learn. Moreover, they were such a fun group to work with! For me, the most rewarding aspect of teaching this class is seeing these students learn, grow, and be creative. Furthermore, I love watching their confidence as story-tellers build as they progress from initial concept to polished draft.
    –Matt Johnson
  • I always look forward to teaching Game Theory and Strategic Thinking.  It is my favorite topic.  And to have the opportunity to introduce these concepts to the bright young minds in ATS makes it even more special for me.
    –David Lang