Affordable, Sustainable and Creative Tips for the Holidays

Want to save money, time and the environment this holiday season? Check out these helpful tips from one of Sacramento’s premier event planners.

Décor on a Dime

Wow your guests with fun, inexpensive and sustainable decorations. Use items in your home or purchase reused items from a consignment store or thrift shop. Explore your yard for plants and flowers that can be used for holiday décor. Visit DIY websites such as Pinterest for fun decorating ideas and creative ways to present your culinary creations.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, create an infused water station with sliced seasonal fruit. This looks beautiful and does not create plastic waste.

Purchase festive, fizzy waters in cans for kids and designated drivers.

Use washable dishes, glassware and utensils instead of disposables. Keep in mind that it takes 10 times more energy and natural resources to produce 1,000 plastic forks than to wash a metal fork 1,000 times and it looks much more elegant.

Eat Local and Reduce Food Waste

Add organic or local foods to your menu.

Limit food waste by purchasing only what you will be eating. If you have leftovers, avoid using plastic bags and store them in upcycled glass jars or empty cereal boxes.

Pre-make your signature cocktail in bulk and serve in a glass pitcher or punch bowl rather than preparing drinks individually. This saves money, time, and looks festive!

Designer Gift Wrap

Personalize gifts by wrapping presents in reused materials, such as shopping bags, homemade art, scarves, sheet music, fabric from old clothes, curtains or sheets.

Trees that Live On

Choose a living tree from a local tree farm that grows trees responsibly and can be replanted outside.

If you choose a cut tree, be sure to dispose of your tree to a local charity that will chip it for you.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Can’t think of what to give Uncle Bob? How about a donation to a worthy cause he is passionate about in his name?

Shop local. Support your community by purchasing gift cards to theaters, concerts, restaurants, museums, spas or local attractions.

Travel Responsibly

Travel can produce large carbon footprints. Try to condense your shopping trips or carpool to local shops.

If you are traveling over 100 miles to celebrate the holidays, reduce your footprint by purchasing carbon off-sets at:

Heather Tanfani, CMP
President, events!
Instructor, College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State, Meeting and Event Planning certificate program

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