Bullying Prevention Training



Now more than ever, it’s crucial for us to build safe communities to protect our children. Current research indicates over 30% of American students have been involved in bullying incidences, either in the role of bully or victim. The level and intensity of violence has also increased both in-person and online.   

Learn how to identify, understand and prevent bullying behaviors among children through this program. School personnel, as well as individuals who work with teens and at risk youth populations, will gain a broader understanding of bullying dynamics while also learning intervention techniques to help reduce future bullying behaviors and change the culture of a school. 


  • Flexible hybrid format that provides multiple venues for engaging with faculty (including real-time course streaming, distance and face-to-face learning)
  • Invaluable personal and professional development
  • 9 CEUs and up to 6 units of academic credit (optional)
  • Faculty support for initial program implementation at your school
  • Tailored to the unique needs of your school


Participants will develop a core body of knowledge surrounding bullying among children and ways to help develop and implement prevention strategies for all who interact with and monitor children in a professional environment. Educators, juvenile advocates, social workers, counselors, and delinquency professionals will all benefit from learning intervention techniques that will aid in both addressing recent bullying behavior and reducing future bullying behaviors.

  • Teachers
  • School Counselors and Social Workers
  • Principals, Vice-Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Behavior Analysts
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Resource Specialists
  • Para-Educators
  • Licensed Counseling Social Workers (LCSWs)
  • Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs)
  • Social Work, Counseling or MSW students


Classes will be taught in a hybrid format with part of the course work online.

Required Classes:

  • SOCE 101 – Bullying Prevention
    9 CEUs/ 90 hours
  • Social Context of Bullying
  • Bullying: Individual and Interactions in a Social Context

By completing the 90 hours of Bullying Prevention (SOCE 101) you may also choose to receive academic credit for one or both of the above courses. There is an additional cost of $65/unit if requesting academic credit.

All students receive 9 CEUs regardless of whether they claim any additional academic credit.

Participants will also receive a resource binder, which includes:

  • Information for responding to bullying school-wide, in classrooms and individually (both academic and non-academic)
  • Program suggestions to help change the culture
  • Classroom materials to discuss bullying (e.g. assignments, book suggestions, DVD’s)
  • and more…