On-Demand Online Courses

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Receive training and professional development at your own convenience with our On-Demand Online courses. These courses offer a quick and convenient way for individuals to upgrade their skills and refresh their knowledge. Covering a variety of topics of interest to working adults, these courses offer compelling content designed by subject matter experts.  Courses can be accessed online anytime, anywhere and can be completed in as little as a few hours – allowing you to progress in your career while saving time and money.

Core Courses

Customer Service Excellence


This online course will provide the essential skills for excellent customer service. Participants will learn the secrets for providing excellent service during every customer interaction, while identifying opportunities for improving customer relations in the long term.

Grammar Basics for Professionals


This interactive online course will engage participants in a fast-paced review and application of English grammar fundamentals. Topics of instruction and practice will include: sentence components; parallel structure; punctuation; inflection; and rules for pronouns and modifiers. Additionally, tools and resources for effective word selection will be offered.

Information Security and Privacy


This online course will offer participants a general understanding of information security and privacy, pertaining to use of computers in the workplace. Topics will include: password security; personal information privacy; security best practices; and incident reporting.

Sexual Harassment Prevention


Participants benefit from two hours of sexual harassment training in an online environment. Understand practical guidance and examples regarding state and federal laws including identifying, preventing and correcting sexual harassment issues. Discrimination, retaliation and the remedies available to sexual harassment victims are also explored.