Japanese High School Students Explore Sac State

The students and their teacher stand in front of the Sac State sign on their tour of campus.

Five Japanese high school students, ages 15 and 16, are visiting Sac State’s English Language Institute (ELI) this August. During their two-week stay, they will learn English from our ELI instructor, Justin Kyles, explore Old Sacramento, take a day trip to San Francisco and attend a River Cats baseball game.

“I want to talk with American people,” says Takehiro Yamamoto, expressing his excitement for the trip. This is his first time visiting a foreign country, and he’s looking forward to seeing San Francisco and the Capitol building. “I also want to see the Capitol building” said Ririko Honda, who would like to study economics or English in college.

The group enjoyed a scavenger hunt across the Sac State campus while getting to know their way around. Chaperone Yoshie Tanabe was impressed with our facilities, and will encourage more student groups to visit in the future.

“Japanese high school students generally are not interested in studying abroad. Staying in Japan is easier, more comfortable. So I’d like to do something to change that and get more students abroad,” says Tanabe.