Testimonial: Workforce Development Professional
Matt Hidalgo: 'The program has empowered me to succeed'


August 2017 Update: Congratulations Matt!

A year ago, Matt was a job coach going through the Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program. He was hired by the California Workforce Association as a program manager coming out of the program. He just received his first-year evaluation and he continues to impress his boss. Matt has been promoted to a program director and received a nice raise too. 

Here’s Hidalgo, in his own words.

“The Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program has empowered me to succeed in the field of workforce development in ways unforeseen prior to starting the program. Before the apprenticeship program, there was no standard in job coaching or training in California. There is so much expected of service delivery staff and before this program, the knowledge was largely left to the staff person to ‘figure it out.’

“The apprenticeship program was implemented in a cohort model which has proven to be not only innovative, but has shown measurable success.”

“This original program has given me the skills I need to take on every aspect of workforce development and to succeed in this field.” – Matt Hidalgo, graduate

“The comprehensive curriculum that was administered was integral in helping me in my new position. With the partnership between the College of Continuing Education, the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, and the California Workforce Association (CWA), we were not only able to receive expert instruction from workforce system elites, but also subject matter experts to solidify certain concepts.

“Armed with new and upgraded skills, I have been hired by CWA, a statewide capacity-building, partnerships-garnering, and technical assistance provider to California’s workforce system. This program has taken me from the Sacramento Works local system and created a real pathway for mobility in the workforce system.

“I hope this is just the first step in a larger capacity-building effort to train and improve California’s workforce system. With this program in place, California’s workforce system is positioned to be the envy of the nation in efficiency, productivity, strategy, and most importantly job placement.”

The Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program was made possible in part by a grant from The Commission on the Extended University.