dollorProper Precautions

Proper Precautions

Businesses take steps to prepare for and respond to unpredictable disasters
As seen in Comstock's March 2011

Comstock's March 2011

This past December, representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, emergency response agencies and the business community gathered at Sacramento State to discuss policies and methods for disaster preparedness. They discussed standard business strategies such as an emergency checklist, supplies and the importance of open communication. But one other key message kept coming up: In the event of a large-scale disaster, have employees made preparations at home? If not, business continuity may suffer.

“If people are worried about loved ones, they really can’t be valuable to keep the company going,” says Jenni Murphy, senior director of strategic communications and emerging markets in Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education. “If they haven’t prepared themselves with their family, they’re no good to you.”