Bob Lanter


Bob Lanter, executive director of the California Workforce Association (CWA), is co-creator of CCE’s Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program, the first non-trade apprenticeship approved in California. He teaches professional skills, specifically the practical know-how on forming strategic alliances with employers, labor, industry and education, along with a course on the future of workforce development.

Bob has spent two decades in the public and nonprofit sectors and has extensive experience in workforce development and job training. As head of CWA, he represents California Workforce Investment Boards, who are responsible for tackling broad-based workforce issues in their local communities through strategies that leverage funding and resources, and delivering solutions and services through a network of One-Stop Career Centers.

He has held various positions in local workforce investment systems, from case manager to the executive director of the Contra Costa County Workforce Board. He also worked in employment and training for the U.S. Department of Labor. Bob earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University, Hayward and a minor in personnel administration and is a certified facilitator in group facilitation methods from the Grove Institute in San Francisco.