Brad Hunt
EMT Lead Lecture Instructor


Brad Hunt has worked as both an EMT and paramedic skills instructor with the Sacramento State Prehospital Education Program since January 2018. In 2019, Brad took on the position of Lead Instructor in the EMT course. Brad started his career in 2002 with a private ambulance company in Stockton, California, where he worked in the 911 system as an EMT for 3 years.

During paramedic school Brad was hired with the El Dorado County Fire Department where he served as a firefighter/paramedic. During Brad’s 13 years with the El Dorado County Fire Department, he served many roles, including Field Training Officer, AHA Instructor, and Fire Investigator. Brad earned his bachelor’s degree in Emergency Service Management through Union Institute and University, Sacramento. Brad’s experience in rural El Dorado County has earned him strong leadership skills, which he brings coupled with his results-oriented personality to inspire his students in the classroom.