Ernie Olson
Professor Emeritus and Fashion Academy Instructor


Dr. Ernie Olson, known for his creative approach to teaching and his humorous delivery style, received an outstanding teaching award from the College of Health and Human Services at Sacramento State. Throughout his tenure, he consistently earned top marks from his students and now, he’s now inspiring a new generation of students.

Olson is an instructor in the Summer Academies for High School Students program. He co-leads the Fashion Academy and brings out the artistic side of students as they learn to sketch fashion designs, while fellow Sacramento State instructor Esther Amato builds on their artistry and introduces them to design and merchandising.

Olson still teaches a variety of design classes, such as fashion rendering and sketching, at the International Academy of Design and Technology. He has worked in the private sector as a graphic artist, illustrator, and cartoonist and written several books, including Metaphorical Games for the Classroom and Drawing Fundamentals: A Whole Brain Approach