Keith Mahoney
Instructional Design for eLearning Instructor


Keith Mahoney has spent two decades in information design – encompassing web and instructional design as well as technical writing and training. He has worked for NASA, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Cisco and other Silicon Valley start-ups and currently is a manager with Intel.

He joined Sacramento State in 2018 as an instructor and curriculum co-developer for the Instructional Design for eLearning certificate. A graduate of the program, Mahoney says the certificate led to a new professional role and “provided credibility” when he applied for a graduate program at Sacramento State.

He will complete his master’s degree in education technology in 2018, adding to his first master’s degree from Sacramento State in business administration.

Mahoney joined Intel in 2004 as a technical writer, then went into training and management.  As manager of Intel’s digital health documentation and training development, he’s been responsible for end-consumer documentation and training. He became a training project manager and instructional designer for Intel Custom Foundry. Currently, he is the training and documentation manager for Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Group and is responsible for end-user documentation and training.