Kelly Siefkin
Presentation Skills for College Academy Instructor


Kelly Siefkin knows the value of presentation skills, whether she’s raising money for scholarships, deploying volunteers to disaster areas or publicizing the largest Thanksgiving Day fun run in the country.

Getting the job done requires top-notch communication skills. High school students can hone their abilities during Presentation Skills for College, a summer academy Siefkin is teaching with Sacramento State Professor Rustin Vogt.

“While the world of interaction feels different right now, those skills translate from in-person to virtually and are critical for students to help them pursue job interviews, college courses that require presentations and interactions with family and friends.” – Kelly Siefkin, Summer Academies Instructor

Siefkin works as director of development at Sacramento State, supporting the College of Continuing Education and Alumni Association, and raises money for scholarships and promotes lifelong learning. 

Previously, she headed communications, marketing and development at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. She led a team of staff and volunteers presenting the annual Run to Feed the Hungry with more than 29,000 participants. Siefkin also worked at United Animal Nations, where she trained volunteers to help at animal shelters in the aftermath of  disasters. 

Getting up in front of people was a part of growing up, Siefkin explained.

“I was raised in 4-H and presentations were required since the age of 9. When you start in small groups and cover subjects you care about, it becomes easier. And over time audiences grew from 10 to thousands.”

Siefkin has been recognized for her outstanding leadership with volunteers and received the 40 Under 40 honor from the Sacramento Business Journal. She earned her bachelor’s degree in human development from UC Davis, master’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University and is a certified fundraising executive.