Rosanne McHenry


Rosanne McHenry joined Sacramento State in 1999, and currently teaches classes for the State Supervisory Online Certificate Program at the College of Continuing Education.

Rosanne initially developed a series of online business skills classes called The State Training Center Virtual Classroom. These classes were redesigned to become ELearning for Government Professionals. She’s taught many other classes at CCE, including Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills and Time Management. 

Previously, Rosanne spent more than 25 years in state government, working for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Water Resources, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and the California Department of Personnel Administration, now known as CalHR.

Rosanne has worked with the Office of Homeland Security with disaster preparedness training exercises and as a National Park Ranger.  She enjoys hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and swimming.  She lives with her husband in Auburn.