Shelly Hodgkins
Law Enforcement Academy Instructor


Shelly Hodgkins works as a sergeant in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and has been one of the instructors in the Summer Academies for High School Students program for several years. As leader of the Law Enforcement Academy, Hodgkins wants young people to meet and talk with different officers, to get a first-hand look at their assignments and to explore law enforcement as a career.

She has worked with a variety of youth programs for more than 10 years and provides oversight for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Explorer Post 517. Hodgkins says working directly with communities, especially young people, is one of her favorite assignments and “one of the most interesting, exciting and rewarding opportunities” of her career.

Hodgkins graduated from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Training Academy in 2000, after first working as a civilian employee in the county jail. She is also a firearms instructor in the department and is currently assigned to the pre-employment investigations and recruitment unit.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from California State University, Chico, and holds a certificate in editing and publishing.