The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State has developed a unique outcome- and performance-based training program to develop civil service leaders. The Portfolio is an integrated, competency-based training program designed as three separate but complimentary certificate programs. The Portfolio ensures that public servants in leadership, management and advanced supervision demonstrate proficiency in recognized managerial and supervisory competencies and execute them at levels appropriate to their positions.


The Portfolio’s general competencies were identified by 5,000 managers and supervisors in 985 classifications as those required to perform effectively as government leaders, managers and supervisors. The Portfolio incorporates direct learning application on the job through pre- and post-training assessments. Attendees set measurable goals and objectives before training that will affect positive, strategic change in their organizations thus facilitating the calculation of measurable return on investment.


Leadership for the Government Executive

Leadership for the Government Executive

is a certificate program for executives and upper-level managers responsible for strategic planning and policy-setting across department lines. Participants learn to create a service culture, develop effective organizational change models and employ cutting-edge mentoring techniques and effective communication frameworks. The program incorporates real world problems and enterprise-wide government initiatives to create a solid base for discussions.

Management for the Government Professional

Leadership for the Government Manager

is a certificate program consisting of eight courses providing designated managers an opportunity to examine strategic planning, problem solving, team building, change management, innovation and metrics. The program brings to life important senior-level managerial concepts such as understanding the budgetary, legislative and regulatory processes as well as collaboration across department lines.

Advanced Supervision for the Government Professional

Leadership for the Government Supervisor

is a certificate program for senior-level supervisors. Topics within the eight courses include supervising across generations, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, fostering a service culture and motivating individuals to engage in organizational change. The program helps participants execute activities in support of their department’s mission and vision.

  The Portfolio was selected for presentation at the 2009 National Conference of University Continuing Education Association* (UCEA) in Boston, MA and UCEA’s 15th Annual Workforce Development Forum in Clearwater Beach, FL in 2009.

*UCEA has since changed its name to University Professional and Continuing Education Association

Department of Personnel Administration  

The Portfolio programs are endorsed by

California's Department of Personnel Administration