Around the World: Ye Zhu


Name: Ye Zhu
Major: Child Development
Country: China

“Making friends from all over the world and exploring cultural differences will break stereotypes.”

Ye Zhu, 25, had a bachelor’s degree in preschool education from China when she entered the English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Continuing Education. She needed to strengthen her language skills for the next step in her journey.

“I didn’t know my potential then but I pushed myself,” she said, “and my instructors pushed my potential for learning and refined my English skills.”

Ye worked on her writing and public speaking skills. “The instructors are very helpful. They are nice but tough,” she added, “and the tough grading improved my English significantly.” And even today, she keeps a pack of index cards handy to jot down new vocabulary words.

The ELI program boosted her academic skills in English and equally important, introduced her to new cultures. “I hadn’t met a lot of people before ELI and it was, ‘Wow!’” but once the initial culture shock was over, the experience opened her eyes.

“Making friends from all over the world and exploring cultural differences will break stereotypes,” she said. After seven months at ELI she was ready to take the next step.

Ye got accepted into the Child Development master’s program at Sacramento State. With her background as a preschool teacher in Shanghai, she volunteered at a Montessori school and also taught at a Chinese language school for American children. 

In 2017, Ye earned her master’s degree.

She would like to be a teaching assistant at a university and continue her research into teaching strategies. She plans to work for at least a year before going on to a doctorate program.

“ELI is the place if you want to study and improve yourself,” Ye said, “and ELI was a bridge that made my goals possible.” 

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