Stephanie Hansel
Judicial Administration Graduate

Stephanie Hansel earned her Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration in 2016. (Courtesy: Herb Ong)

The law has been in Stephanie Hansel’s blood since the beginning of her career. She started as a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office, moved into other areas of the law including a family law practice, before she transitioned to court management. The Judicial Administration program at the College of Continuing Education prepared her for a series of promotions.

Stephanie is now the CEO, court executive officer, of the Sutter County Superior Court. Here’s her testimonial:

“In September of 2015 I was promoted to assistant court executive officer for the purpose of transitioning into the job of court executive officer in March of 2016. My experience in different areas of the law combined with my growing interest in the administration of the court gave me the exposure and knowledge base to be considered for my current position as CEO.

I took the Judicial Administration class to become a better court manager and play a more active role in the management decisions within our court. I believe that my initiative in enrolling in this course was a factor in being considered for those promotional opportunities.

The course was a high level view of the trial court, the day-to-day workings that are unique to the court, and the impact of legislation and policy changes that affect the judicial branch as a whole. I use what I have learned from instructors and other students to look at our business practices to make sure they are the most efficient and effective uses of staff time. In one instance, I used the knowledge I gained about court records to implement a scanning project to convert paper files to electronic records.

Having access to experienced CEOs and learning from the experiences of my classmates has formed connections and resources that I would not have but for this program. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants a future in any court administrative position, be it supervisor, manager or court executive officer. Knowing how your court is impacted by state level events is an important piece of day-to-day operations.”

If you would like more information, please visit the Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration web page or call (916) 278-5878.