State Supervisory Training Certificate Program

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State Supervisory Training (in-class)


This in-class program was designed to meet the requirements of California Government Code Section 19995.4(b) for new supervisor training. The topics will be approached from the standpoint of modern supervision within the state system, and the curriculum is designed for state employees who are new to a supervisory classification. Participants will learn about the role of the supervisor and how it differs from the journey-level worker; making the transition to a supervisory level position; and best practices for the new supervisor.


This program enables the new supervisor to develop the necessary core competencies for achieving success.


The State Supervisory Training certificate program has been specially designed for supervisors in the California state government workforce. Participants are new supervisors making the transition to a first-time supervisory position within their given agency, department or board.


The State Supervisory Training certificate program consists of 10 required courses totaling 80 hours of instruction or 8.0 continuing education units (CEUs). Participants register on a course-by-course basis and are allowed to take individual courses with required pre-requisites as stated in the course descriptions.

Course Listing

State Supervisory Training Courses

Program Update

CCE will only offer the mandatory 80-hour new supervisor training for state employees through December 2019. 

In order to meet the requirement under the California Government Code Section 19995.4(b) for new supervisor training, certificates for programs taken through CCE must be earned by December 31, 2019.


Ertug Misirli
Made at Sac State

-Intensive English Program
-Master’s Degree in Economics
-State Supervisory Training Certificate Program

“I learned I have to be fair to all my employees, give them responsibilities, make them feel valued and trust them.”