Teacher Training Program

Program Overview Sacramento4 weeks

Teacher Training Program


The Teacher Training Program offers international participants a unique experience in the United States. Our program combines classroom instruction centered on relevant pedagogy with well-supported practice in engaging teaching methods to prepare participants for real-world classroom “practicum” in local schools.


  • Practicum at a local elementary and/or secondary public school
  • Mentorship with experienced host teacher
  • Interaction and engagement with students
  • Opportunity for hands-on teaching and activities
  • Experienced faculty


The Teacher Training Program is designed for current and future teachers from around the world including:

  • elementary school teachers
  • secondary school teachers
  • current students studying to be teachers
  • university professors and faculty


Participants spend four weeks exploring the American primary and secondary education system.  In the university classroom and with practicing teachers at local schools, participants learn to teach in student-centered, multimodal ways.

Through exploration of various student-centered approaches for instruction, participants will become better aware of individual learning styles and learn how to apply that knowledge in their classroom.  Instructors challenge participants’ creativity, empowering them to reach beyond traditional textbook learning through practice in constructing engaging lesson plans.  Participants leave the program more effective teachers, armed with a new sense of confidence in speaking and communicating in a classroom and discovering their own voice and potential for becoming agents of change and advocacy.



  • Be a current teacher or undergraduate/graduate student studying to be a teacher
  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Have a valid passport and email address (see online application)
  • Purchase of CSU International Student Health Insurance policy
For application information, please contact Paulo Pinto.