Summer Academies featured on “Good Day”


There’s nothing else like it, where students team up with Sacramento State professors and industry professionals to explore careers with hands-on activities in the laboratory and sometimes, on the floor.

The “Good Day” morning show has visited our Summer Academies as the program has grown and hundreds of high school students participated. Here are some great memories!

Watch: “Good Day” takes us to the runway of the Fashion Academy (2018).

Watch: “Good Day” introduces us to the professors of the Coding and Cyber Security academies (2017).

Watch Part 1: “Good Day” kicks off the Summer Academies with an active morning in the Engineering and Robotics Academy with Professor Rustin Vogt and his students. (2015).

Watch Part 2:  ”Good Day” continues the conversation in the Engineering and Robotics Academy (2015).

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