Customized Training


Customized Training

If you are looking for training specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization, CCE can help. We offer a wide variety of training solutions to benefit your organization, improve your employees’ skills, and make the most of your training dollars.

All of our training is highly customized, based on assessing your needs and creating a program that meets your business goals. From an initial needs assessment through program planning and delivery, we work closely with you to ensure that program content and learning outcomes are aligned with your organization’s objectives.

Choose from our portfolio of existing programs or let us design a custom solution based on your organization’s specific needs. Our programs can be delivered on campus or onsite at your location.

Flexible Solutions

Public Offerings

Register for our public courses offered throughout the year.

Exclusive Offerings

Programs can be delivered offsite, on your schedule, to a cohort of your employees.

Customized Training

We take our curriculum and adapt it to your needs.

“We’re out in the community, listening and working with local businesses and industry leaders. This helps us understand what our community needs in terms of workforce development. Employers are looking to build skills and develop employees using real-world applications, which we deliver.” — Jenni Murphy, Dean

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Today’s workplace is filled with increased expectations and constant change. Christine Irion, director of extension programs, explains how CCE can help professionals adapt to new conditions while building confidence in the process.

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