Judicial Administration Certificate

Graduate Certificate Hybrid1.5 years

Judicial Administration


The Judicial Administration graduate certificate provides students with an opportunity to learn from current leaders in the California judicial system. One of the few programs of its kind in the United States, graduates will learn the skills needed to make a difference in the successful practice of judicial administration – through their courts and their communities.

“While the ability to learn about issues facing the branch was of course the core goal of the program, I truly believe the opportunity to network with peers and colleagues was invaluable.”

-Jason Galkin,
2016 Cohort
CEO, Superior Court of California, Nevada County


  • Convenient scheduling supports working professionals
  • Courses provide the skills required to work with judges and stakeholders at higher levels in the court system
  • May be used toward the six units of elective credit required for a master’s degree at Sacramento State
  • Graduates of the judicial administration program often go on to leadership and career development opportunities within the judicial branch.


Applicants must have an educational level of bachelor’s degree or above. It is strongly recommended that applicants be currently employed in the California judicial court system at the analyst level or above to ensure they are well prepared for the content of the courses. 


PPA 291: Court Governance and Operations

PPA 292: Court Management

PPA 293: Court Leadership

PPA 294: Emerging Issues in Judicial Administration

Courses are offered using a combination of face-to-face instruction and online learning including video streaming. Each course meets for 16 weeks with one in-person class meeting in Northern California and one in-person class meeting in Southern California.

Each course also requires students to meet virtually on Wednesday evenings using Zoom. Students must have access to a computer, high speed Internet connection, speakers/headphones, and microphone.


Each course is 3 units. $450 per unit. One course is $1,350 or $5,400 total for the program. This price excludes books, and flight and hotel accommodations for the in-person class meetings in Northern and Southern California. 

Application fees include a $30 non-refundable processing fee, which is paid upon formal admission to the program. Admitted students will given instructions on how to pay fee.

Please check with your court to see if they offer tuition reimbursement. 

Since this is a certificate program, financial aid is not available.

Course Listing

Judicial Administration Courses

Enjoy courses taught by working professionals in the field of court administration. 

Each course costs $450 per unit or $1,350. The program price of $5,400 does not include books or travel. All fees are subject to change.