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School Nurse Credential + Master’s Degree in Nursing


In California school nursing is considered to be a highly specialized area of nursing practice requiring additional education and clinical preparation. The College of Continuing Education, in partnership with the Sacramento State School of Nursing, is offering the School Nurse Credential (SNC) program. The SNC program began in 1966 and is academically based in the nursing graduate program at Sacramento State.


This program is certified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to issue the required credential, School Nurse Services, which allows a registered nurse to practice within a public school setting.

The program is also recognized nationally as a leader in school nurse preparation. Graduates have gone on to become school nurse leaders, president of California School Nurses Organization (CSNO) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), as well as nurse educators, Directors of Health Services, and recipients of the CSNO’s School Nurse of the Year awards.


The one-year credential program is designed for registered nurses who have completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field and are interested in becoming effective health practitioners in the California school system. This program greatly enhances school nurses’ skills by providing comprehensive coursework, which will enable them to support and advance student success, learning and lifelong achievement.


Students are required to take the courses listed at the bottom of this page PLUS an audiology certificate course (available at several universities in California).

Course Delivery

Courses are offered in a hybrid format (a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning) including video streaming and blackboard teaching technologies. Course delivery, assignments and meetings are designed to meet the needs of the professional full-time school nurse.

Courses will meet in-class at the Sacramento State campus twice per term (two meetings in the spring, two meetings in the summer and two meetings in the fall). Each semester, one of the face-to-face class weekends is offered in San Diego, through a partnership with San Diego Unified School District. In-class meetings are mandatory.

Students will complete the credential program in one calendar year.  Two mandatory face-to-face weekend meetings are required to attend each semester (spring, summer and fall).


The current cost of the program is $495 per unit. Cost is subject to change. There are 22 units in the credential portion of the program.


Please note: Candidates may be disqualified to complete the program for a variety of reasons. Those candidates who are disqualifed may receive an application refund.  

Admission into programs leading to licensure and credentialing does not guarantee that students will obtain a license or credential. Licensure and credentialing requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the CSU and requirements can change at any time. For example, licensure or credentialing requirements can include evidence of the right to work in the United States (e.g., social security number or tax payer identification number) or successfully passing a criminal background check.

Students are responsible for determining whether they can meet licensure or credentialing requirements. The CSU will not refund tuition, fees, or any associated costs, to students who determine subsequent to admission that they cannot meet licensure or credentialing requirements.

Information concerning licensure and credentialing requirements are available from Dr. Samantha Blackburn, Coordinator, School Nurse Program:

In addition, please see the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for specific school nurse credential requirements.

Applicants who determine that they may not be able to meet licensure or credentialing qualifications and no longer wish to be admitted into these programs may have their application fees refunded.


What Our Alumni Said

“I am very grateful for education at Sacramento State. My assessment, public speaking, planning, and collaboration skills are much better for having participated in this program. I see myself differently now, and believe for the first time that I am a leader in nursing.

I currently have a great job, and feel that my education, combined with my experience, helped prepare me for the role.”

Pam Whipple, School Nurse Credential + Master’s Degree in Nursing

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