Government Programs

State and local governments provide their constituents with vital services that may not be available otherwise, such as transportation, public safety, healthcare, education, utilities, and courts. Professional and service occupations account for more than half of all jobs.  State and local governments are among the largest employers in the economy.

The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State offers contract and corporate education to public agencies across the state. Let our experts help strengthen your workforce and be your partner in education.

Certificate Sacramento3 months

State Supervisory Training (in-class)


This in-class program was designed to meet the requirements of California Government Code Section 19995.4(b) for new supervisor training. The topics will be approached from the standpoint of modern supervision within the state system, and the curriculum is designed for state employees who are new to a supervisory classification. Participants will learn about the role of the supervisor and how it differs from the journey-level worker; making the transition to a supervisory level position; and best practices for the new supervisor.


New Coaching Component Added to Supervisory Training

New state government supervisors will receive one-on-one coaching when they begin their 80 hours of mandatory training through the College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State.

New Benefit: 1-on-1 Coaching WATCH THE VIDEO!


Ertug Misirli
Made at Sac State

-Intensive English Program
-Master’s Degree in Economics
-State Supervisory Training Certificate Program

“I learned I have to be fair to all my employees, give them responsibilities, make them feel valued and trust them.”




The Portfolio
Education and Innovation for Government Transformation

The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State offers a unique outcome and performance-based training program to develop government leaders. The Portfolio is an integrated, competency-based suite designed as three separate but complementary certificate programs. The Portfolio ensures that public sector employees in executive, management and advance supervisory positions demonstrate proficiency in recognized competencies and execute them at levels appropriate to their positions.