Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

North Star

Be widely recognized as experts on adult learners.


We believe that learner-centered programs and services lead to individual, organizational, and community transformation.

Guiding Principles

We value action, adaptability, inclusivity, partnership, and well-being as we serve others.

Action – We are proactive, thoughtful, and intentional in working to achieve defined outcomes.

Adaptability – We effectively assess and respond with integrity, commitment, and resilience.

Inclusivity – We respect and embrace our differences with a commitment to create belonging through a welcoming, safe, and equitable environment.

Partnership – We bring together diverse perspectives and talents from our learners, colleagues, and partners to co-create shared solutions.

Well-being – We promote wellness for ourselves, colleagues, and learners.

Strategies for Success

  • Transform lives and organizations through exemplary programs, services, and administrative excellence.
  • Strengthen our capability and capacity to advance key initiatives and imperatives.
  • Impact our region and state by serving as catalysts, advisors, and partners.

Strategic Goals

  1. Advance adult learner success through innovation and program excellence.
  2. Enhance organizational culture and employee well-being.
  3. Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice throughout our work.
  4. Modernize our institutional systems and infrastructure.
  5. Cultivate fiscal health through responsible stewardship.