Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Program Overview

Faculty-Led Study Abroad


Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs are short-term, international experiences designed for students who would like to study abroad – and stay on track for graduation – but cannot spend an entire semester or academic year abroad. These programs allow students to infuse international, intercultural, and global dimensions into their academic experience at Sac State. Programs vary in length, and classes are taught by Sac State faculty. 


  • Discipline-specific learning that supplements the Sacramento State curriculum
  • Placement of a discipline in its international context
  • Country/region-specific learning
  • Language acquisition
  • Personal and professional development 


  • Sac State students who would like to earn academic credit towards graduation
  • Community college students, or students from other universities, who would like to earn academic credit from Sacramento State
  • Community members who would like to study abroad
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Sacramento State expands options for study abroad

Sacramento State is reviving and expanding so-called “faculty-led” short-term travel programs that allow students to visit another country during academic breaks and earn credit at the same time.